Simone Perele creations illustrate the idea of elegance. Meticulous attention is paid to the tiniest details in order to achieve perfection in accordance to a high respect for women and the quality to which they deserve. This idea of began in 1948, when Simone Perele the young independent-minded corset-maker, had a brilliant idea that, “Women do not need to choose between elegance and comfort”. Simone Perele was gifted with a deep intuition for fashion. And so, she endowed the label with the “made-to-measure” look typical of fashion houses.

Today, it is her children who manage the eponymous group. Faithful to the philosophy followed by their mother, they are convinced that women choose their lingerie in the same way as a perfume. They therefore design each product to match the emotion felt by the person who will wear it and it is this fine touch that gives Simone Perele designs such uniqueness. The designs reconcile the body and mind to make women more naturally attractive and radiant with beauty. Only through the precise and intimate knowledge of the body, its movements and longings, does it enable the Simone Perele brand to design the lingerie of their customer’s dreams.

The production secrets of Simone Perele are handed down with the same passion and precision, collection after collection, to guarantee perfect models that reflect almost sixty years of experience in lingerie design.